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Fluorite - Fluorspar – Calcium fluoride


Fluorspar (also called fluorite), chemical formula CaF2, molecular weight 78.08. Is fluorspar or fluorite the main ingredient. Colorless cubic crystal, natural ores containing impurities, slightly green or purple. Extremely difficult to dissolve in water. Can be dissolved in hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and ammonium salt solution. Soluble aluminum and iron salts solution to form complexes. Calcium fluoride with concentrated sulfuric acid in a leaden hydrogen fluoride reaction can be obtained. Hydrofluoric acid is used to manufacture calcium fluoride, fluoride, ceramic, enamel. The metallurgical industry used as a flux, organic reactions as dehydration or dehydrogenation catalysts. Can also be used in electronics, instrumentation, optical instrument manufacturing.

Fluorite (Fluorspar – Calcium fluoride) Producer

Asia Mines and Minerals Development Company is the largest producer of briquette fluorspar in Iran. The annual output of fluorite briquette will reach 12000 tons. It will become the first and largest production base for fluorite particles and fluorite balls in Iran. We offer a variety of acidic, ceramic, and metallurgical fluorites. The company's fluorspars product is used in hydrofluoric acid (HF), casting, steel mills, cement plants, foundries, glass and ceramic plants, and welding rod manufacturers. We extract the raw mineral from the largest fluorspar mine, located in the north of Damghan, Iran. AMMD export fluorspar briquette and lump type to Russia, China, India, Turkey, and Germany. Owing to the superior quality, reasonable price as well as our good integrity and service, our products are well-received in the international market.
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